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Real Estate Maintenance Services

the villa is rented weekly in the summer season especially is the process of cleaning and preparation to the next customer. villa with the owner pre-determined according to the date of the booking is set for an operating system. here agirlanan made to extremely high standards of cleaning service is based on customer satisfaction.

upon the request of the owner of the villa, a welcome pack and pickup service is also available for the next guests if necessary.

our cleaning prices are as follows for the year 2011/2012.
4 hours cleaning 45,00 tl
6 hours cleaning 65,00 gbp
8 hours cleaning 85,00 tl

the above fees includes cleaning supplies to be used in cleaning.

if our fees are met by the landlord of the cleaning supplies for the year 2011/2012
4 hours cleaning 35,00 tl
6 hours cleaning 50,00 tl
8 hours cleaning 65,00 gbp

spring cleaning

usually desired by the owner of the villa again at the beginning of the season a more thorough cleaning. our full day 8 hour cleaning service. about this service in the house all the closets, the curtains, chairs, tablecloths, pillows, quilts, dishes, pots removed that would have been more comprehensive our cleaning service.

renovation cleaning

at your villa after you made any modification that occurs after your home from dirt and dust, then it used to be as clean as newly purchased to your home or we perform our professional cleaning services before settling on one.

real estate controls

investors who live abroad this service is often your villa again, especially a week or once a month to check their set here and the situation is the process of reporting them. especially during the winter months after a storm or heavy rain occurring in the villa and it is one of the most important services you preferred any observation of caspian.


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