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Any real estate buying, selling, leasing, land transactions, real estate-related legal consulting, in short, in every area of real estate. Buy or rent from us real estate to live in peace and you'll have the chance to make a good investment in the years. Confidence in the real estate sector that is based on service sector.
A person or institution they are in or where they are the owner of Real Property Purchase, sale, leasing and ownership, essential legal transactions (taxes, fees, electricity, water, gas, insurance, etc.) to carry out.
Physical property, as appropriate, to the extent permitted by applicable law, providing the highest return on valuation can be accomplished financially and the most efficient use of the property.
the villa is rented weekly in the summer season especially is the process of cleaning and preparation to the next customer. villa with the owner pre-determined according to the date of the booking is set for an operating system. here agirlanan made to extremely high standards of cleaning service is based on customer satisfaction.
dalyan villa or apartment and the surrounding area that have renovations , repairs or re-editing needs? the company's experienced in providing all services and trades you require and our expert team, we are dedicated to make your life easier. we on your behalf in line with your expectations, plus we are ready to give you quality service at an affordable price without the price.
another service that we offer our customers especially for you we real estate that occurred among themselves in exchange, we only relates to the tracking of sales documents. for this, the relevant authorities; the land registry office, finance and notary of the application to the land registry office has been supplied the necessary documents prepared after the delivery and file the deed concludes
dalyan and there are many reasons to invest in the region.
four years before the date of 1.1.2007 acquired real estate, acquired the property sold within five years from the date of 1.1.2007, the profits are taxable.
such investments acquired in the villa which can make our region more profitable source of income apart short term rentals is quite popular. dahlia is well known and particularly preferred to be in the tourism industry of alternative accommodation has led to the development of the sector.
king real estate company for sellers as comprehensive, rigorous and high-quality sales service we offer.rightfully noting that we have a potential international customer, turkish, british, irish, german and dutch, we are working with other marketers.
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